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Jeam provide high quality professional consulting services in Enterprise Architecture governance, definition and implementation

Our experience across numerous industry sectors has enabled us to fully appreciate what Enterprise Architecture means, and how to support organisations in implementing and getting the most value from it.

Our primary focus is to understand your needs, to enable us to provide you with the most appropriate approach and guidance to implementing Enterprise Architecture.

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Jeam boasts over 25 man years experience of successful architecture programme management and implementation.
We have assisted our clients to understand what Architecture means to them and what it can do to enable them to achieve their business strategies and goals. We provide a broad spectrum of experience and skills in all areas of architecture definition encompassed within Enterprise Architecture.

Jeam provides strategic value to organisations who are embarking upon or who are in the process of enhancing their enterprise architecture.

We provide strong architecture expertise in strategy, business and technical domains gained through implementing and supporting architecture initiatives utilising the following Enterprise Architecture Frameworks: Zachman, TOGAF, DoDAF, MoDAF, and NAF.

Strategy Domain

Architecture initiatives which lack clear governance, approach and do not demonstrate lineage and traceability back to an organisations strategy and goals often fail to deliver.

Jeam will provide you with advice and support:

  • To establish appropriate governance procedures to support your architecture initiatives

  • To identify and define the most pragmatic approach for defining and maintaining your architectures

  • To align your initiatives with the goals of your organisation ensuring the widest possible appreciation and communication of the benefits of architecture

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Business Domain

Architecture is often perceived as purely an IT function. This is not the case. The concept and philosophy of Enterprise Architecture is to foster clear unambiguous alignment between the needs of the business and that which is provided by IT. Through the development of appropriate architecture models, Jeam will support you in better understanding your business in terms of people, process organisation and location. This will provide you with a foundation from which to better understand the needs of the business and how IT may better support your organisations goals.

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Technical Domain

IT is a complex function which is little understood by the business. It is often blamed for a businesses inability to function effectively. Through the appropriate implementation of architecture models IT can demonstrate to the business what is provided to support business functions and as a result business goals. Through the development of appropriate architecture models, J will support you in better understanding your business in terms of data, information, systems / services and technology. This will provide you with a clear understanding of your technical / IT domain in terms of it’s capacity, future proofing and how it supports the ongoing needs of your business.